We’re working together to grow more and better crops in as many different varieties as possible. This increases the opportunities for better, more sustainable livelihoods all year round.

Explore our menu of our core products and their seasonal availability. If you don’t see the produce you want here, please get in touch. We’d be happy to see if we can fulfil your need in the future. 

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We support and enable modern farming techniques that are better for the soil, the farm worker and the produce.

By investing in agricultural technology, we’re enabling our farmers to grow better and more reliably and increase earning potential throughout the year. The technologies we’re most interested in are those that reduce labour intensity, allowing farmers to diversify and increase quality of life. We also promote and enable technology that improves soil conditions, water usage and crop protection.

Polyhouse Technology

Polyhouse technology is an affordable and effective way to raise yields by 5-10 times, minimize disease in crops, produce more crops from less land and increase efficiency of water and resources. 


Seepage Irrigation

By delivering water directly to the plants, seepage is a practical and cost effective way to use water. After irrigation is complete, the water is drained back into a holding tank and reused for subsequent irrigation.



Solar Energy

Solar energy is an environmentally friendly and reliable solution to electricity shortages. 24/7 energy allows us to optimise polyhouse farming in every season.